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SafeSplash thanks you for all the great feedback

August 22, 2010 / by Admin

SafeSplash truly appreciates all the feedback that we receive. All the feedback helps us provide the best possible experience to our customers.

Here is some of the feedback we have received:

  • Miss Connie-”Thank you so much for your hard work giving Wiley such a solid foundation for swimming.”
  • Miss Julie-”Ethan just loved you. You are the only one who got him to swim and enjoy the water. Miss Julie is wonderful.”
  • Miss Lindsey-”We LOVE LINDSEY! Our little boy is thriving with Lindsey. He looks forward to seeing her each week. Thank you.” Catherine
  • Miss Alicia-”Thank you for teaching us new things in swimming. Love, Brynn and Teagan.”
  • Miss Brenda-”Thank you for all of your patience and hard work.” Jennifer and Caroline
  • Mr. Justin-”I love Justin Bryan”
    Mr. Corey-”Mr. Corey is a patient and kind instructor and really knows how to get to the kids level to help them understand swimming. Nalani has progressed immensely because of Corey!”
  • “We LOVED the manager at SafeSplash. She helped Braedon get into the pool the first couple weeks. She is fantastic.”
  • “SafeSplsah has been wonderful! The teachers and facility are amazing. Thank you” Rogers family
  • “Ashley has loved swimming lessons at SafeSplash. I am so happy with the program and all that she has learned.”

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback we have received. If you would like to share your childs story please email us at moreinfo@safesplash.com.

To get signed for for swim lessons at any location check out our website www.safesplash.com. We have 5 convenient locations in the south Denve metro area; Lone Tree, Parker, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Littleton.

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