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Monday, November 16, 2015 by Admin

SafeSplash in the Community

SafeSplash Swim School's mission is to provide a lifelong safety skill to children of all ages in communities around the nation. We pride ourselves on being able to provide clean, warm and kid-friendly swim lessons facilities to communities.

SafeSplash also is committed to providing facilities for other uses including dedicated special needs programs, boy/girl scout programs, and rehabilitation services.

SafeSplash's special needs program is unlike any other. We have dedicated professional instructors trained to work with special needs children and adults. SafeSplash works with various community outreach programs to ensure proper therapy. We also work with a variety of organizations that can help cover financial costs of the program.

SafeSplash works with Boy & Girl Scout groups to provide a place where swimming & water related badges are earned. SafeSplash will work with your troop to provide guidance on programming or help troops with their own facility rental.

Warm water therapy is essential for rehabilitation specialists and their patients. SafeSplash is now offering the opportunity for rehabilitation centers to rent our facilities for water therapy. This is a great opportunity for therapists to provide a clean, warm, dedicated environment for their patients.

For more information on any of these programs please call 303-799-1885 or email moreinfo@safesplash.com.

SafeSplash has 7 locations just for you!