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Parents' Blog

The Make a Splash Initiative – assisting all children throughout the United States learn to swim!

October 08, 2013

The Make a Splash initiative, sponsored by the USA Swimming Foundation, was recently promoted in the USA Today Kid’s Health Magazine!  This is a great program which assists all children throughout the United States to be able to participate in formal swimming lessons. You can read the entire magazine online by visiting the link below.   Be sure to check out the Make a Splash advertisement on page 72!

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Meet San Jose September Superstar, Valeria!!

September 26, 2013

Student of the Month:


A hard-working swimmer and new big sister!

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Krish is always full of smiles and ready to learn. Congratulations to our Las Vegas Swimmer of the Month!

September 19, 2013

Swimmer of the Month

Our Swimmer of the Month for September is Krish. Krish came to us several months ago for water safety. He has learned kicks, back floats, humming and is now learning to swim on his own. Krish loves the water and always has big smile on his face. His class is a great way to start our Saturday with his smile and enthusiasm. He can now swim on his own after jumping in the pool! We look forward to his continued progress. Great job Krish!

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Way to go Sophie !! Congratulations for being Salt Lake’s Swimmer of the Month!

September 17, 2013

Sophie is an all star level 4 swimmer with SafeSplash! Sophie works hard, and even though it’s difficult, she always pushes through. Sophie earned this award due to her perseverance and for not giving up. Sophie’s main motivation for swimming is so that she can swim with the dolphins on her next birthday. Sophie wants to be a veterinarian and killer whale trainer at Sea World some day. She has an adopted killer whale, Polaris, in Washington and one day Sophie would like to ride on the dorsal fin of a killer whale. Way to go Miss Sophie, we hope you keep working hard in swimming and achieve your dreams!

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An Awesome Pair: Sister Swimmers Samantha and Sara – Orange County’s Swimmers of the Month

September 17, 2013

Sara, Age 7, Left Sam, Age 5, Right

Quote: ”We are very happy with Sara and Samantha’s progress in such a short period of time. They are now both very confident in the water and have really excelled in their technique. Sara’s favorite part of the lessons is diving and Samantha’s is the Dolphin kicks.”
- Sam and Sara’s Parents

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