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Monday, November 16, 2015 by Admin

October Employee of the Month-Lone Tree

We excited to annouce that Jeff is our employee of the month at our Lone Tree location. Jeff has excellent customer service skills and works hard at getting to know each and every one of the swimmers that come through our doors. He is always striving to take on new projects and help out the staff and managers when needed. Great Job, Jeff! Thanks for all you do!Let’s get to know Jeff a little better.

Q: Why do you love being a SafeSplash team member?
A: I enjoy getting along with everyone, it is nice to work in a place where you get along and have good experiences. I also love to see the smiles and excitement on the kid’s faces when they get their ribbons.

Q: What is your best customer service tip?
A: Always have a smile and keep eye contact with the customers

Q: What hobbies do you have outside of SafeSplash?
A: Watching movies! My favorite movie as a kid was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” I have collected 1,246 movies and still going. I also love going to the gym!

Q: Do you have a memorable swimming experience that you would like to share?
A: I was on vacation in Wisconsin and we went tubing. We were going really fast and my friend and I were thrown off the tube. We hit the water and flipped about 6 times! When we finally surfaced everyone around us was clapping and asked “how did you survive?” I responded with “It’s a gift!”

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