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Friday, December 01, 2017 by Travis White

An Active Lifestyle: How to Find the Time, Energy, and Money to Stay in Shape

While being a parent has its rewards, there is no greater feeling than being healthy, vibrant, and full of vitality. If you want your children to know the value of good health, then you’ve got to be the role model to set the tone for a healthy and active lifestyle. Here are some simple and cost-effective ways to stay active.


Get Moving

According to The American Heart Association, heart disease and stroke are some of the nation’s top killers, while only 21.7 % of adults meet the guidelines for an active lifestyle, as reported by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. By fitting in at least 75 minutes per week of vigorous exercise, you’ll not only burn calories but will experience benefits far beyond laying on the couch all day, which include increased energy, a decrease in stress, weight control, clearer skin and a more upbeat mood.

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Exercise also fights depression, due to its feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, chemicals found in the brain that are responsible for feelings of pleasure and euphoria. Moving around also benefits those who suffer from diabetes, asthma or back and joint pain. However, talking to your doctor about using exercise for such diseases will cultivate a regimen just for you.


Make Time

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the benefits of exercise that don’t require a gym. However, if going to a gym is your preference, there are various facilities which include daycares for free or a small fee. Typically, daycares will watch your child for up to 2 hours while you work out or relax at the indoor sauna or pool. However, it’s crucial that you check out the child facilities before letting your little one loose.

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Working out within the comforts of your own home is another way to get active, especially if you are shy about being in public. There are countless workout apps and DVDs available to suit your needs, from yoga and pilates to aerobics and calisthenics, and even tools that will enable you to workout with your baby if you are a stay-at-home parent. At-home gyms are also beneficial for building muscle without the worry. Stock your home gym with whatever you please: Dumbbells or kettlebells, yoga mats, balance trainers, adaptable resistance bands, a door frame pull-up bar and even suspension trainers will give you the professional feel at home.


Save Money

One advantage of exercise is that it cuts down your medical bills exponentially. All of that healthy eating and moving around is a surefire way to decrease your visits to the doctor’s office, which can ultimately save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Furthermore, by making healthier meals at home, you’ll not only cut down on sodium and fat, but you will be more likely to pick healthier options while preparing and seasoning your meals. Though healthy foods tend to be a little more expensive, fatty, greasy, junk food has a higher cost when it comes to nutritional content, according to researchers from the UK, as reported by Global News.


While a gym membership isn’t cheap, many gyms offer a great workout at an optimal price, with some as low as $10-$22 per month. Some gyms even offer holiday savings and lower rates upon request, so take advantage of deals that allow you to pay a whole year’s worth up front. You may also save money while biking or walking to work, which proves to be both psychologically and physically more favorable than using a car.

As a parent, there’s already enough on your plate. Exercise shouldn’t be a chore, as it can be fun and invigorating if you take the time to do your research. Keep these tips in mind for enjoying a healthier, more active life.

-Travis White, Guest Author


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