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Thursday, August 11, 2016 by Megan Coney

Family Activities; Pokemon Go

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday is spend time with my family. Lately we have been enjoying the latest craze in mobile phone gaming; Pokemon Go.


At first, I was not sure another game on the phone was a good way to connect with family. However, as the days go by, and my family is getting more into the game, it has become one of my favorite family activities. Especially since school is starting again soon, it's a great, free way to spend time with the entire family before the hectic schedules take over our lives. 


Pokemon Go has given us another fun family activity to enjoy together. Here are three reasons why your family should give it a try.

  • Everyone gets exercise: Unlike most video or mobile games, Pokemon Go is designed specifically to get you out walking. In order to get to the Pokemon Stops you will need to walk to each location. The GPS satellites in the app are smart enough to recognize when you are moving too fast, (say using a car rather than walking) and will then not work. By using this app your whole family is outside getting exercise and enjoying the fresh air!
  • You get to explore new places: Pokemon are located in different places all over your area, often times near museums and sculptures. Participating in Pokemon Go may lead you to new treasures right in your back yard that you never new existed. Keep track of interesting stops along the way and make a note to return as a family to further explore your new find.
  • Get in tune with your kids: Technology is changing every day and most often kids are the ones who learn the fastest and adapt faster than their parents. Take this opportunity to have them teach YOU something new, let them take the lead and join them in their world.

If you are hesitant (like I was) about giving this new game a shot, take a chance and join in on the fun! Not only will your kids enjoy sharing their interests but you will also get to experience something new with your family. If nothing else, you can say you learned how to use some new technology which is actually pretty cool!