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Dave Lewis Promotes SafeSplash at the Boulder Boulder

June 10, 2016 / by Dave Lewis

SafeSplash_Boulder_Boulder.jpgDave Lewis, avid runner and friend of Franchisee Rick Wyatt
 recently ran in the Boulder Boulder marathon this past Memorial Day. Dave excitedly donned SafeSplash apparel during his run alongside 52,015 participants and over 7,000 spectators. Here is a little about Dave and his insite to the world of marathon running.

  • When did I start running? I started running regularly after college. I needed a new hobby.  I needed something to strive for outside of work and family life.  Running has both physical and mental health benefits.  I was able to set personal goals in both short term and long term.  Signing up for races helps me stay focused on these goals.
  • How far is a Marathon? A full Marathon is 26.2 miles.  Many events offer other distances such as Half Marathon (13.1), 10K (6.2 miles), 5k (3.1 miles), etc.
  •  When did I run my first Marathon? I ran my first full Marathon with my wife, Emily, in Seattle during the summer of 2011.  I have completed 6 full Marathons total and over 20 half marathons.
  • Why I run.  I run to relive stress. I run to disconnect with the world around me (work, bills, household chores, etc). I run because my father decided 25 years ago to become inactive.  He's 62 going on 80.  He can barely walk to the mailbox each day as his physical health condition has diminished greatly with years of inactivity. Unhealthy eating habits and little to no exercise is a bad combination. I've used this as motivation to stay active. 
  • Added benefits of healthy running: Running allows me to have a little fun and eat my favorite foods while maintaining a reasonable weight. However, it's important to maintain a healthy balance between exercise and nutrition.  Most importantly, mix cross training into your weekly workouts (i.e. weights/lifting).  This will help keep your muscles strong and build endurance.  Challenge yourself and you can accomplish your running goals while having a lot of fun.

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