November Swimmer of the Month-Aurora, CO November 7, 2011

Our November Swimmer of the Month is Keenan!  He has been a swimmer with us at our Aurora, CO loaction since March of 2010.  Keenan is 10 years old and started out as a Level Teen 2A and is now working on his level 4 ribbon.  When Keenan started with SafeSplash he did not like to put his face in the water or do anything resembling a backfloat.  Keenan now has a great freestyle with side breathing.  His instructor Miss Ashley on Saturday’s is working on backstroke and breaststroke with him.  She said he also has recently perfected his dive and can go straight in the water with no bent knees.  Keenan said his favorite part about swimming lessons is that Miss Ashley makes his class fun.  His favorite stroke is freestyle because he gets to breathe to the side.  He said the most difficult stroke is backstroke because he doesn’t like to be on his back.  He is most proud of the fact that he can now go under water WITHOUT plugging his nose!  This was a big hurdle for Keenan when he first started with SafeSplash.  He loves when Miss Ashley lets his class bob for rings and when they get to practice diving.  He is excited to get his next ribbon because he is working on backstroke and learning flipturns!  Keenan said if he was teacher for a day he would play games on the bottom of the pool because he loves to do that now.  When he grows up he wants to be a football player in the NFL – either a running back or a receiver.  The best swimmer he knows is Michael Phelps and we know someday Keenan just might be swimming like Michael Phelps!  Congratulations Keenan and great job, we hope you keep up all your hard work!

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