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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 by Dulcie Canales

4 Reasons Why Year-Round Swimming is an Important Activity to Consider

Year-round swim lessons are very important for new swimmers. Many times, parents consider swim lessons as a “Summer Only” activity, keeping kids occupied during June, July, and August. This thought process should strongly be reconsidered by parents as the reality is that water emergencies can occur year-round. Here are 4 reasons why parents should strongly consider keeping their kids enrolled in year-round swim lessons. 


Kids can benefit greatly from year-round swim lessons from a safety and developmental standpoint. Incorporating swim lessons into your monthly routine is an invaluable asset to your child’s mental and physical well-being. All four of our children, Jake age 12, Kate age 9, and twins Ryan and Colt age 4 participate in our program year-round. Roughly 80% of our students maintain year-round swim lessons as well!


1. They Help Kids Retain and Improve Skills

Year-round swim lessons help kids retain and improve their water safety skills throughout the year. With more opportunities in the water, they can continuously increase their water safety skill set…rhythmic breathing, back floating, front floating, elementary backstroke, treading water, climbing out of the pool independently, monkey-walking, etc..


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2. They Provide Continued Skill Set Practice

Continuing lessons throughout the year allow our swimmers to practice their skill set on a routine basis, which is very important, so they don’t develop bad habits or a fear of water as they grow. Year-round swimming is a perfect complementary sport to many other athletic activities kids may be involved with (soccer, basketball, dance, gymnastics, baseball, track, softball, etc.) as it works all muscle groups, helps increase flexibility and builds endurance while being easy on your muscles and joints.


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3. Helps Provide a Daily Stress Relief for Kids

After-school swim lessons are a great way for kids to release their daily stress while increasing their strength, stamina, and health. During the school year, kids are faced with the daily challenges of new school subjects, school projects, and homework, and while it may seem like one more thing to add to the mix, allowing them to jump in the pool will provide them a place where they can find a healthy release from their educational responsibilities.

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4. Kids Stay Active Off-Season

Year-round lessons also keep kids active, especially during the off-season. During the cooler months, outside activity tapers off, leaving kids without their usual mode of exercise. Swimming lessons provide great exercise and keeps kids fit and healthy even if the weather doesn’t allow them their usual outside play time.


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No doubt that engaging in year-round swim lessons allows kids to build their water safety and swim skills throughout the year. Our indoor warm water facilities make year-round swimming enjoyable for kids. While it is cold outside during the months of Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, and Feb it's always warm in our pools! Hope to see at the pool this Fall/Winter for year-round swim lessons! Email Robert or I with your year-round swimming questions. See you at the pool!

Dulcie and her husband Robert own, operate, and teach at SafeSplash locations in the San Antonio, TX area.